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My mother is very creative, so I grew up creating and making things.

I think I started scrapbooking before I even knew what it was! Since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with paper. Books, notepads, business forms....you name it!
I would collect anything my mom and aunts would hand down to me and always had to find a way to turn all that paper into some project by cutting it up, coloring, painting, and pasting it together to make myself a pretty "new" book.
Years later my mother in law gave me a bin full of colored paper and decorative scissors. She told me about this cool new thing called scrapbooking and thought it would be fun if I got into it as well. That was about 12 years ago and the supplies which used to fit into a 2 foot square bin (can you imagine scrapping with so little goodies? :) have grown, and grown and grown! Now I have kids and love being able to make lasting pieces of art which preserve our happiest memories.
And, I have to add, it's also fun to browse the aisles of Scrapper's Edge on Fridays for nothing in particular but to check out all the cool new goodies I just *need* to have!

I was 25 and had just had my baby boy. I was suddenly in a world I knew nothing about. A little lost and looking for an outlet of some sort friends invited me to my first Creative Memories Party. The next day I visited my first scrapbook store and it was love at first sight. I think I bought one of everything in the store and haven't stopped since. My passion for scrapbooking and capturing special moments and memories gave birth to another hobby: photography. Scrapbooking has gotten me through some of the worst times and captured some of the best.

I started rubber stamping and scrapbooking to have a hobby to do with my teenage daughter.

I had a customer that had a key chain with a yellow card with hole punch in it. I asked her what it was. She said, it was from a craft store and every $10 she spent she would get a punch on the card........ Well 12 years later the rest is literally history! I love learning new stuff and letting people see my wow factor in my cards and pages.

I believe I have always had a needle of some sorts in my hand. I've tried just about everything. I am an avid quilter. A few years ago while visiting my daughter in Orange Co. She invited me to an evening of scrapbooking at a store near her. We had so much fun. Every time I visit Cindy on Friday Nights we go the scrap. we eat laugh & have fun. I have found that I can combine my love for fabric & scrapbooking together. I've made pillows for my daughter in law like a scrap book lay out with photots.For my daughter birthday I made her a card. She made me one for Mothers Day & I made a card for my daughter in law. I feel like they are mini scrap books. So cute.

I have always had a love for crafting and anything paper related. But I started scrapbooking in 2005 when I received a baby book scrapbook kit. I was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after that and I was desperate to record as many memories as possible for my daughter. I was hospitalized for 14 months for treatment, and scrapbooking was my therapy. It was relaxing and gave me great memories to reflect on while I was overcoming my cancer. I have been in love with scrapbooking since, and I look forward making memories for many more years to come!

Wow, what a question! I think I started crafting(and sewing, which can be part of crafting) back in high school and college. It was mainly to decorate up our dorm room. We had a little Christmas tree that we decorated for the month with something appropriate to that month. I also (brag, brag) made my college prom outfit... blue brocade long skirt, and jacket, blue velveteen top... I dream.
Anyway, from there it continued through marriage, children, Aleene's, Carol Duval, etc. until, at last, scrapbooking! Trying to capture and show to the next generation and, hopefully, generations after that what my generation was like. I feel inundated sometimes, but I keep on in that hope to future generations.

About 10 years ago a friend invited me to a scrapbook class and I was hooked. My mother kept scrapbooks, but I wasn't interested until I saw how beautiful and fun scrapping could be. Prior to scrapbooking the only hobby I had was reading. Now I have something to show for my time. My girls got involved and now it's something we love to do together. (At least I do...) Recently I have started to make cards. For me they are like mini scrapbook projects with instant gratification!

My best friend, Amanda, is guilty of introducing me to the very addictive hobby of scrapping. It was a great way for us to spend time together --talking through some major life problems. Now, I continue to scrap despite moving 2300 miles away from Amanda! I will always enjoy letting my worries drift away while scrapbooking.

I started because it made me think of my mom. Before she passed away when I was 14, she loved to scrapbook and made several pages for each of my six sisters, brother and I. Now I scrapbook and do other crafts because it makes me think of her, and because it is a good way to let go of all the stresses from every day life!

I started scrapbooking because a friend recommended I try it and I fell in love with it. I've never had a hobby before and I've met alot a really nice and helpful ladies because this great hobby. I scrapbook to relax and it helps me to de-stress after a hard days work. I would recommend it to everyone!!

I started crafting when I was little... The first thing I really remember making was a purse out of my mom's sewing scraps. She showed me how to do a basic stitch and helped me sew on a button... I was hooked. A huge portion of my crafting has to do with bringing a vision to life... I've worked with lots of different mediums and enjoy trying new ones and so far, scrapbooking has allowed me to combine a number of them... love it!

I started when I was little as well. I continue to do it everyday because this is the way my soul speaks. I would not have my sanity if it wasn't for my creativity. (of course...messy fingers are just a bonus)

I started crafting when I was little, just like my momma. She is a true artist. She can do anything artistic, paintings, stained glass, needlepoint, quilting, etching, you name she can do it. The only craft she can't do is..... SCRAPBOOKING! So I had to be rebelious and do something she can't! I made my very first scrapbook for her (and my dad). She is so jealous of my work!

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