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My guess is...528

My guess is 172 different patterns of paper. I have no idea, but just trying to count the racks. Thanks Sonda

373. Hope I'm close!

Wow I can't imagine how many but my best guess would be 775
And I would imagine I have tried most of them (that is except the newer ones).

I guess 482. Thanks!

The suspense is killing me... By the way Melissa gave the answer, so many that I (JoAnn) probably have or have used. :P I guess she knows me pretty darn well....

You did state number of different patterned papers, not just different paper....so I will guess 215....

410! :)

My guess is 200 diff types!

Ok Mom wants to guess too... 715 different kinds. My mom Lynn says hi Sondra!

I'm guessing 548! Great selection too!

My guess is 813!

My guess is 325. Because I don't think a WHOLE BUNCH counts as a guess!

My guess is 680!

Oh Man! I think around 624.

I am going to guess that you have approximately 4,000 sheets of paper. I am not a retailer and I have alot in my studio.

347 no more, no less LOL

I'm going to guess 950. It's just a guess and it's probably low. I know you are well-stocked!

My guess is 1575... Methodical calculations gave me that answer! Good luck to all!

My guess is 750. This is a fun way to get some more paper!

950 is my best guess!

3,240 is my guess. I seem to remember there being different papers in the same bin. I know how many I have in my possession. it very easy to have way too many.


Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit your store lately but I would have to say that you have at least 800 different pattern paper. I miss your friendly staff and really great products.

I am gonna go for 467 as my guess - thanks

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